Cosmetic packaging is a sensitive subject and can be very daunting, especially for a new product. Developing product packaging without proper consultation can ruin your business. While the packaging you come up with must protect the product, the most critical aspect of the packaging should be to attract clients and boost sales. Cosmetic companies make several packaging mistakes that you should avoid:

Wrong or Misleading Labels on Cosmetic Packaging

There have been many incidences where customers buy a product, only to discover it is wrongly labeled on the cosmetic packaging. Wrong labels are costly and reflect negatively on your brand. To ensure your business maintains a good reputation, you must be very careful during the entire labeling process.

Wrong labels have not only caused loss of reputation to many companies, but also costly in terms of lawsuits by disgruntled customers. Things may get worse if the user has an allergic reaction from an ingredient that was not listed on the product packaging. Always countercheck the product label before its dispatch to avoid such mistakes.

Product Cannot be Seen through Cosmetic Packaging

If you are creating a packaging for your new products, the packaging must be clear on what is inside. Be creative in the packaging, but ensure the cosmetic box is at least relevant to the product inside. If your packaging misleads clients in some way, it could drive your sales down. Proper cosmetic packaging will sell your products and build your brand reputation.

Cosmetic Packaging that’s Difficult to Open

A common problem with most cosmetic packaging is the difficulty in opening the boxes. Cosmetic companies go overboard while trying to protect the product and end up with almost impossible to pry  open boxes. If you package your product in difficult to open boxes, clients will complain and give poor product reviews, which does not help your brand reputation.

Excessive Prints and Imagery

You do not have to add every product detail on the packaging front. Excessive print and imagery ‘cheapens’ your packaging and may give customers the wrong impression about your products. While creating your cosmetic packaging, make it informative, yet simple. The packaging needs to be designed in such a way that both displays your product and shows its benefits.

Create an Emotional Connection

Creating an emotional connection is a crucial factor in selling a product. If your product connects emotionally with the customer, you are likely to sell more than your competition. Making customers feel special is crucial. They also need a solution to whatever problem they have. If you manage to make them feel special and solve their problem at the same time, your product will fly off the shelves.

Too Much Space Inside The Package

Leaving too much space inside the packaging typically works against your products’ sales. It only works for products that need inserts or fillers for stability. Plan your cosmetic packaging carefully to avoid wastage and to ensure your product reaches its destination in good condition. Excess space inside the package also misleads customers into thinking your product is larger than it is. Liaise with a reputable packaging company to ensure you use the correct packaging for your product.

Although cosmetic product stability testing is time consuming, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that your product is of a good quality. Many producers ignore this step amongst other steps like cosmetic production and design, even though it will help their businesses. If you were creating these products just as a hobby or for fun, then the worst-case scenario would be to discard the components away. If you were selling these products, then you have a serious responsibility to your customers to uphold certain standards of quality and safety, e.g., in the areas of cosmetic product stability. It would also be a detriment to your business if you had to throw away large quantities of finished products. Don’t you want to learn more about the processes behind pushing out a product?

Cosmetic Product Stability Testing Helps to Prevent Disappointment

Businesses thrive on being sustainable in the long run. Ultimately, what every business owner wants is for their customers to keep coming back for more. However, imagine a situation where you order an emulsion or balm from across the globe, opening up the package to a broken bottle or a rotten balm. Would you, as a customer be angry? If you were the producer, this not only damages your reputation, but requires you to fork out more wasted money to pay for the refunds and compensation.

Ensure the Condition of Shipment

The aforementioned “broken bottle” can easily be prevented if you were more aware of the shipment quality for your products. It is hard to control transport conditions, especially if you are shipping internationally. However, it is easy to predict and overcome conditions that your product can or cannot withstand. For example, if your product has a low melting point, you could package it in a way that makes it easy for the substance to melt without causing any mess, and leave instructions with your customer to normalize the product by putting it in the freezer.

Instruct the Customer about Appropriate Application Methods

Running cosmetic product stability tests would equip you with knowledge about the behavior of your product under different environments. This can help you with instructing your clients about the right methods of application.

For example,

  • Should the customer shake the bottle or container before usage?
  • Can she use the product with other products, or would a bad reaction ensue?
  • Should the customer apply the product on dry or moist skin?

Addressing these questions could potentially help you to advise your customer on how to get the best out of your products and be beneficial to your business.

Find out the Shelf-Life of your Product

An important part of selling beauty products is informing the customer about how long the product can last. It is commonplace in most parts of the world to include an expiry date on such products. This is imperative because you definitely want to avoid a situation where a customer complains about a bad skin reaction to your product that does not have a best-before date specified. Therefore, it is only through well curated suitability tests, can you attain this information.

If you are aspiring to become a beauty vlogger, then you are aware that filming the perfect makeup tutorial takes a lot of work. Viewers expect to see a flawless execution of techniques and to benefit from your extensive knowledge and expertise about makeup. There are many resources that can help you out but for an effective makeup tutorial, you only need a couple of things that are most essential to beauty vloggers.

Script of the Makeup Tutorial

While it seems that vloggers spontaneously talk about what they do in front of the camera, a script is actually very significant for any makeup tutorial. You need to come up with a concept then try to do the makeup look before filming. This will give you time to create a script. This will eliminate awkward moments where you get too caught up in applying makeup that you cannot think about what to say or do next. You can try to make, at least, a list of the steps and short descriptions to serve as an outline that will keep the tutorial (and your thoughts) look more organized.

Makeup Tutorial Setting

Create an appealing setting that will enhance the visual quality of the tutorial. Have a clean background to avoid distracting the viewers. Avoid having a flashy outfit that does not complement the background or the rest of the setup. More importantly, have enough space to move around and the area must be free from clutter to avoid tripping over something when you start demonstrating.

Makeup Tutorial Lighting

The most important component in a makeup tutorial is the lighting. You must have the equipment to help bounce or diffuse the light instead of harshly focusing it on your face. A soft box and ring light are the most popular tools for beauty vloggers. They both help in displaying accurate product colors as well as make the illusion of a blemish-free skin. You can also make use of natural light while filming. Set up the filming equipment in front of a large window. Film around 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. if you want a naturally diffused sunlight. You may film during the golden hour (sunrise or sunset) for a warm glow effect.

Shooting the Video

After ironing out the script, preparing the area, and positioning the light, you are now ready to shoot your makeup tutorial. Make sure that you have a tripod to keep the camera steady. Ensure that you stay within the frame the entire time by using the flip-around viewfinder or manually do place-marking. Learn how your camera works so you can get the right settings.

As you can see, producing the best makeup tutorial video does not necessarily mean spending a lot of money or stressing over it too much. You just need to be organized and have the essential equipment for filming. If you already have the material but doesn’t have an idea how to reach your target audience, you can always team up with a cosmetic marketing company who has the means and expertise to promote on social media. Hopefully these tips can help if you are just starting out to an inspiring vlogging journey on YouTube. Be sure to keep your followers updated for your next upload!

Hydrators are a type of ingredient which is also referred to as humectants. They include things like hyaluronic acid, honey, aloe and glycerin, and have the ability to absorb water via the atmosphere and then hold it on top of your skin. Moisturizers are ingredients which are oil based, and include things such as Shea butter, lanolin, mineral oils, plant oils, emollients and petrolatum. They function through the creation of a seal on your skin’s surface that stops water from leaving. Below are some additional differences between hydrators and moisturizers, and why both are important.

Choosing The Best One For Your Skin

People differ in the types of skin they have, and a product that works for one person might be useless for another. This combined with the fact that there is a huge array of products available means that you have to take care when shopping for hydrators and moisturizers in the form of ointments, gels, creams, balms and lotions, because although they function in a similar manner, the results can vary from person to person.

For example, the majority of skin lotions are made with emollients as well as humectants and occlusive ingredients, which is a fancy way of saying they will hydrate and moisturize your skin simultaneously. However, the form that the product is sold in is not important. Regardless of whether the skincare product you buy is a balm, gel, oil or cream, it is the ingredients within it that really determine its effectiveness. And the only way to know for sure what works for you is experimentation. However, since experience is a harsh teacher, below are some tips that can help you narrow down the products that are best for your given skin type.

Those With Dry Skin Should Try Out Thick Moisturizers

If you have the type of skin which is dry for most of the year, and it has a tendency to peel and flake, this means your skin has a tough time retaining moisture. To resolve it, you want to purchase a moisturizer that will generate a seal on your skin’s surface which will lock the moisture in. The best product is an emollient which is thick and good at stopping water from leaving. Another option is petroleum jelly (also referred to as petrolatum), along with soybean oil, canola oil or Shea butter.

Those With Oily Skin Should Try Hydrators Which Are Water Based

If you find that your skin is frequently oily for much of the year, this does not mean that it isn’t dehydrated. Those with skin that is frequently oily usually have a barrier function that is compromised, which means it’s harder for them to retain moisture. When the moisture escapes their skin, it leads to dehydration, which forces the skin to generate extra oil. The best solution for people with chronic oily skin is moisturizers or hydrators which are noncomedogenic and water based, since they will feel lighter when applied and won’t cause the pores to become clogged.

To create a fabulous makeup tutorial that will get lots of views and likes on YouTube and other video sharing sites, it is essential to use the proper lighting, scripting and setting. Below are some tips that will enable you to create a high quality makeup tutorial for YouTube that will help others while getting lots of positive attention and feedback.

The Lighting

The best lighting for makeup demonstrations is diffused illumination. You want equipment that will bounce those particles of light around as opposed to having a focused beam that glares. Specifically, the best tools for cosmetic videos are ring lights along with soft boxes. A ring light removes blemishes due to the simple yet effective structure it uses. It is basically a doughnut shaped object that is illuminated with a centralized stand which allows a phone or camera to acquire the softer glow it provides.

The soft box is a standard lighting fixture that has a box surrounding it, with inner sides that are reflective with diffusing material. The sides that are reflective will bounce the light inside the box, and the front will filter the particles to produce a mesmerizing glow. Natural light is also good, but only at certain times of the day. The best times include sunset and sunrise, and light that is available between the hours of 10 Am and 4 PM.

The Scripting

While some people are spontaneous and may dislike the idea of using a script, there are a number of reasons you should. These makeup videos are tutorials, and as such should be conducted in a formal way. You need a concept, time to practice the makeup you’ll be applying, and a good idea of what you’re going to say. One benefit of using scripts is that they will lower your shoot time since you won’t have to worry about what to say next. Scripts also work well with closed captioning after the video has been uploaded since they will have greater accessibility for a bigger audience. If you’re doing a video that is product focused, you can make a list of every aspect you want to cover and when to move from one point to another. Tutorials work best when all the steps have been written down in advance.

The Setting

The setting you choose should be consistent so it builds continuity. Some people like to use green screens and fabrics, but whatever you choose, make sure the backdrop is crisp and clean. A clean background encourages the viewer to focus on you and your message, rather than what is going on behind you. It is also important to make sure sufficient space is available for a makeup table so you can perform demonstrations, and to ensure the camera is not reflected. A miniature compact can be used to apply the actual makeup while you film. The clothing you wear should be nice but not too flashy. Avoid chevron and plaid patterns since computer monitor horizontal lines will have difficulty correctly displaying it.

As we venture to a world free from waste in order to benefit the environment, so shall every business owner be conscious with their respective product packaging. We have watched videos showing how an animal species dies after eating a lot of plastic waste from the ocean. That is horrifying, and before our own children become victims of our carelessness, it is time to pick up the pieces together. Good thing is that business owners can now incorporate eco-friendliness with their skincare product packaging.

Be Informed

You will never know how to start an eco-friendly skincare product packaging if you do not know exactly what eco-friendly packaging is. This is one that is biodegradable, and has been crafted using recycled materials. The packaging must also be recyclable. The challenge with using such boils down to how the product can be kept clean and safe inside it.

For instance, you cannot just choose any biodegradable material to contain your product. If you have products containing water or oil, then the packaging must be stable enough. Some products can destroy the packaging, when you do not choose it properly. Examples of fully recyclable materials are metal and glass containers.

Eco-Friendly Materials Explained

An eco-friendly packaging is one that has been made out of eco-friendly materials, of course. This means that you are already using one which is called the no-waste packaging. A ‘no waste’ product is one that is not sent to oceans or landfills, or are not incinerated either. Cardboard and biodegradable paper is an example of an eco-friendly material. Glass jars, and metal containers are also great examples.

What about Sustainable Packaging?

Imagine how much waste there is with just one of the skincare products being used by an individual. Some products come with a box that holds the container. If you have diligently observed things, you will notice that the box goes to trash after opening the product. The container comes next once the product has been used up. How many of the skincare products you know have you seen in many trash cans?

Here is where sustainable packaging comes in. This can help reduce the amount of plastic that every individual discards. Apart from that, it also cuts down the chemicals that can harm the environment. Say goodbye to tubes and pump bottles that make it look impossible to use the product to the last drop. Go for jars or any other materials where customers can easily access the skincare product.

Think about Different Aspects of Packaging

The bottom line to incorporating eco-friendly materials to skincare product packaging is to be aware of the different aspects that affect packaging. It is not just always about where the product is placed, but also about the formulation being place inside the container. It is also about making sure that the product is consumed to the last drop. If you have problems knowing how to start the eco-friendly product packaging endeavor, all you need to do is contact a team of experts that can help you with that. The team must be able to come up with an idea that will help save the environment while also putting the skincare product in mind.

Achieving glowing skin is every woman’s dream. With the bulk of skin care products promising you the best results, it is quite hard to decipher which one will really work on your skin. Unless you are willing to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on each product you see, and try things through trial and error, choosing a product will never be easy. The good news is that there are specific beauty ingredients that can help you with your goal. Just make sure you find them on your product labels.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)

Known for their exfoliating, refining, and renewing properties, AHAs are otherwise known as glycolic acid. These beauty ingredients are responsible in sloughing off dead skin cells with the aim of revealing fresher, younger skin. These are best for those suffering from sallowness as they can revitalize skin after using products containing one.


These skincare ingredients are popular to those wanting to restore and add a protective layer to their skin. They are also best for pollution defense, having the capability to protect the skin from harmful particles and the UV rays of the sun. These ingredients are commonly found in green tea extracts, vitamin C, and pomegranate. Promising to slow down the aging process, antioxidants keep the skin oxygenated all the time.

Fatty Acids

Perfect for moisturizing, restoring, and repairing, fatty acids have the capability to nourish the skin. They are known for making the skin smoother and fresher, thereafter. They are commonly obtained from diet rich in omegas, and are also found in a lot of skincare products. They are your best defense against premature aging, and can increase the skin’s hydration levels.

Hyaluronic Acid

Another acid that has made its way to the list of beauty product ingredients is hyaluronic acid. This is used to boost radiant skin, promising plumper and more hydrated results. It works to replenish the moisture that the skin have lost through time, thus giving it a glowing finish, after.


Aside from renewing and firming the skin, retinol is also known for providing an after-glow to the skin once you use a product that contains one. It can fight acne scarring, fine lines, and discoloration. A derivative of Vitamin A, it corrects all sorts of pigmentation marks on the skin without causing sensitivity.

Vitamin C

One of the most popular skincare ingredients that help anyone achieve that glowing skin is no less than Vitamin C. Apart from its brightening effects, it can also tighten the skin, thus making it look firmer. It produces collagen, increases cell turnover, and reduces photo-damage. From there, it acts to boost radiance to the skin.

If you happen to be interested in formulating a product that promotes glowing skin, there is always a professional who can help you with that. All you need to do is discuss your ideas with the team, and together, you can design a product that will ensure customers that there is a way to achieve skin radiance, regardless of one’s age.

“Buy one take one”. “Purchase more than $100 worth of products, get a free product”. “Buy now, get 20% off your next purchase.” All these are marketing strategies that have helped generate buzz for businesses. Want to follow suit as you sell beauty products to patrons? Why not distribute beauty product samples instead? It can help you grow your business. All you have to do is think of ways on how your samples would attract more buyers for your company.

What are Beauty Product Samples?

Product samples are among the most influential tools that encourage brand testing. After that, these can be converted to sales. Samples, though, are not always offered to customers, and many become frustrated with that. You can also put it this way. Your beauty product samples can either make or break your business. You must be equipped with the right tools, and have a reliable team to work on your branding, before you can actually convert samples into sales. Here is how you can do that.

Be Ready to Spend More

There is always a cost that comes with activating your sales, and when you choose product samples to do that for you, always remember that there is a cost related to that. You can spend up to more than $10,000 for that if you really want to get the profit that you have long been waiting for. Depending on the team that you are working with, you can discuss how much you need to set aside for this part of your marketing cost.

Know Which Product to Offer as a Sample

Customers will never expect that you will provide a free sample for all of your products. You can single out one product in your list that you know will create a long lasting impression on the part of your customers. The last thing you will ever want is knowing that your client has thrown out the sample you have given away.

Sample Size Matters

As beauty product samples can help a lot with brand testing, you must bear in mind that the size of your sample must be good enough for more than a day’s use. This will give your customers time to feel your product and see if they have any sensitive reaction to the substance. You can use packets, if you want. Just make sure that they are pretty decent in terms of size. Asking customers for their preferred sample sizes will be good too.

Be Your Own Product Marketer

When your samples are ready and you know that they can be distributed to some other retail stores, it will be good to designate a person or two who will take charge of marketing your product. Do not just allow your samples to seat on the back shelves, without anybody else glancing at them. Do not expect employees of the store, where your samples are off to, to do the talking for you. It is always best to be the bearer of first-hand information of your beauty product samples and all other products that you are selling.

Have you ever had the chance to use a beauty product for quite some time, only to ditch it after you find another product that interests you? This is a common cycle that runs in the cosmetics world, and until you really know what suits you, the cycle happens over and over again. What if you are planning a beauty startup? This can be quite difficult, without ample knowledge on the matter, and with lack of experience handling any business. Do not let this dishearten you. All you need are some tips to get everything started.

Make Things Simple

You may have a lot of products and formulations in mind. When this happens, it will take a lot of time creating a product that you think will suit your target market. This is not just time-wasting. It can also cost you a lot of money, in the long run. Do not compete with those that have already established a good name in the beauty industry. Your time will come. Just start by establishing your platform and you

Know Your Niche before Perfecting Recipes

The common mistake any beauty startup owner will do is to perfect recipes without establishing the product’s niche. It is not always as easy as assuming that everyone uses shampoo, thus it is easy to just formulate a shampoo for everyone. Do not expect a customer to buy your product once you launch it in the market, without you even thinking of what suits them best. Formulate a name that speaks about your product, and from there, you can proceed to other important steps to establish your brand. Be unique without going too far.

Participate in the Own Network that You Build

One of the best marketing strategies today is to have products posted on social media. You can start too by participating in online forums, and discussions. Subscribe to blogs and comment on them, making sure that you have new ideas to contribute to it. You can also participate in events, such as how to create private product labels, and others that invite all entrepreneurs to showcase their products. From there, you can share your ideas in the forum that you have chosen, and market your products, thereafter.

Know Your Marketing Tools

Social media, as mentioned, is one of the best places to establish your brand. Remember, however, that you cannot just share anything that you want to share just to welcome prospects to your business. You have to know how to use such tools to your advantage. For instance, you can launch a YouTube channel where people can see how your products can be applied on their skin. Simply things like that will go a long way.

Choose the Creative Team behind Your Brand

Launching a product is useless, unless you know that you have a team of dependable individuals who are best at branding products. There is always someone you can run to when you have ideas for beauty startup in mind. You will be surprised as to how the team can transform your ideas to beauty products. When you have done that, you are more than ready to start.

If you thought YouTube was just for kids or those who enjoy watching people wipeout on skateboards and sport bikes, you couldn’t be further from the truth! As a matter fact, if you are creating, or are considering creating, your own line of beauty products, YouTube could end up being a valuable tool.

Fire Up Your Laptop!

It’s time to pull YouTube up on your computer to see what all the fuss is about. Very quickly, you will notice beauty enthusiasts and vloggers by the millions posting videos about their favorite makeup look for summer, their fresh new eyeshadow, and more. Guess what’s happening to those videos. Millions of beauty-obsessed, wide-eyed individuals are hanging on their every piece of advice, every recommendation, and every word.

What’s the worst part about this? Your video isn’t up there. Let’s do a little analysis of the power of YouTube and what it can do for the leverage of your beauty brands.

Create A Bigger Online Community

Naturally, you want to build a bigger community online. If you have your own brand of beauty products, this is likely one of your goals. So, when you work with the influencers of YouTube, be sure to make this request of them – make specific mention of your social account(s). Ask them to include a link to your channel, if you have a YouTube channel, in the video description.

Raise the Awareness of Your Brand

Once again, this seems like a no-brainer. Of course you want to raise awareness when it comes to your brand! It’s not easy to get your brand talked about and observed on the web. There’s lots of people out there who are trying to do the same thing. Working with the digital influencers of YouTube can get your product in front of hungry, new audiences that want to improve their lives and their looks.

Help Boost Sales with Visual Stimulation

Digital influencers and beauty brands seem to be a match made in heaven. Promotions can be supercharged, and sales boosted after just a few mentions of your product on YouTube. Because these influencers can easily demonstrate the benefits of showcased products just by the sheer nature of videos, it is a great place for startup businesses.

What’s more, because viewers can witness your products in use and see what they can do in real time, YouTube videos can have an even more massive impact than mere still images.

Are You Ready for YouTube?

More than any other form of digital advertising, influencer marketing drives a higher ROI. It’s entirely possible that you have never before experienced the kind of revenue results that a YouTube video can produce.

In fact, a case study was done on a Fortune 500 brand that, with its influencer marketing campaigns, achieved an 11x ROI. There can be little doubt, after seeing results like this, that you, as a beauty product maker/marketer, need to leverage the power of influencer marketing to drive sales, exposure, and awareness.

If you would like assistance in the production or marketing of your new beauty brand, the experts at Architectural Beauty are here to offer their assistance and guidance. Contact us today.