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Important Ingredients for Combating Aging Skin

Human skin is an amazing organ, capable of being revitalized with the use of the right ingredients. Over the years, people have used a variety of products ranging from milk to honey to change the tone and texture of their skin. There are some proven ingredients that can reverse the effects of aging on your […]

Avoid These Cosmetics Packaging Design Issues

Packaging is one of the most important aspects of a cosmetic product. How one packages the product determines how well potential customers will be able to identify it on the shelves, as well as how easy it will be to use. Working with a professional cosmetic development team to help you design the product’s packaging […]

Cosmetics Are FDA-Regulated, Not FDA-Approved

There is a lot of confusion over the role of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the regulation of cosmetic products and ingredients. Many people do not understand the differences between FDA-regulated products and FDA-approved products. To understand the differences between the two, it is important to first understand how the FDA works. How […]

Top Tips For Launching New Beauty Products

When you launch a series of beauty products into the market, there are many factors that one should consider in order to achieve a successful product launch. While there is a large market for beauty products, it is also an inescapable fact that there are numerous competing products. This means that the way products are […]

Why Should Beauty Brands Leverage The Power Of YouTube?

If you thought YouTube was just for kids or those who enjoy watching people wipeout on skateboards and sport bikes, you couldn’t be further from the truth! As a matter fact, if you are creating, or are considering creating, your own line of beauty products, YouTube could end up being a valuable tool. Fire Up […]

How Are Clinical Studies for Beauty Products Designed?

Clinical studies for beauty products help to give new brands credibility. Because in today’s current market, you need to take advantage of every upper hand that you can get. Choices of Study Types While the design of your study is important, the type of study that will be conducted is one of the most integral […]

Five Toxic Beauty Ingredients To Avoid

It may seem strange, the thought of a beauty product containing something toxic. But it happens more frequently than most people would care to know. If you are creating a new product for the beauty industry, make sure that you are aware of which toxic beauty ingredients to avoid. A Good Rule of Thumb One […]

Don’t Let Your Homemade Lip Balm Experiments Go to Waste!

Have you created your very own lip balm? Have you used it with great success and even received rave reviews from the friends that tried it as well? If so, have you considered marketing it? If not, why not? What’s So Special about Lip Balm? A universal problem that plagues millions upon millions of people […]

Don’t Launch Your Products Before Running A Microbiology Test

Have you created your own cosmetic brand or personal care merchandise? If so, then you need to understand a key aspect of cosmetic product safety – the microbiology test. Understanding microbiology testing is very important but can also be rather confusing; especially if you’re just a beginner. Read on to learn more about how why […]

Learn How to Make Your Cosmetic Brand Shine on Social Media

You’ve recently started your own cosmetic brand. But how do you make it stand out in the crowd? Building a following for your Twitter feed or Instagram profile is more than just sending out a lot of meaningless content. Getting an eye-catching social media campaign takes precise attention to detail. Here are a few tactics […]