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Shooting A Makeup Tutorial For YouTube

To create a fabulous makeup tutorial that will get lots of views and likes on YouTube and other video sharing sites, it is essential to use the proper lighting, scripting and setting. Below are some tips that will enable you to create a high quality makeup tutorial for YouTube that will help others while getting […]

Incorporating Eco-Friendliness With Skincare Product Packaging

As we venture to a world free from waste in order to benefit the environment, so shall every business owner be conscious with their respective product packaging. We have watched videos showing how an animal species dies after eating a lot of plastic waste from the ocean. That is horrifying, and before our own children […]

Achieve Glowing Skin With The Right Beauty Ingredients

Achieving glowing skin is every woman’s dream. With the bulk of skin care products promising you the best results, it is quite hard to decipher which one will really work on your skin. Unless you are willing to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on each product you see, and try things through trial and […]

Generate Buzz For Your Business With Beauty Product Samples

“Buy one take one”. “Purchase more than $100 worth of products, get a free product”. “Buy now, get 20% off your next purchase.” All these are marketing strategies that have helped generate buzz for businesses. Want to follow suit as you sell beauty products to patrons? Why not distribute beauty product samples instead? It can […]

How To Get Your Beauty Startup Off The Ground

Have you ever had the chance to use a beauty product for quite some time, only to ditch it after you find another product that interests you? This is a common cycle that runs in the cosmetics world, and until you really know what suits you, the cycle happens over and over again. What if […]

Why Should Beauty Brands Leverage The Power Of YouTube?

If you thought YouTube was just for kids or those who enjoy watching people wipeout on skateboards and sport bikes, you couldn’t be further from the truth! As a matter fact, if you are creating, or are considering creating, your own line of beauty products, YouTube could end up being a valuable tool. Fire Up […]

How Are Clinical Studies for Beauty Products Designed?

Clinical studies for beauty products help to give new brands credibility. Because in today’s current market, you need to take advantage of every upper hand that you can get. Choices of Study Types While the design of your study is important, the type of study that will be conducted is one of the most integral […]

Five Toxic Beauty Ingredients To Avoid

It may seem strange, the thought of a beauty product containing something toxic. But it happens more frequently than most people would care to know. If you are creating a new product for the beauty industry, make sure that you are aware of which toxic beauty ingredients to avoid. A Good Rule of Thumb One […]

Don’t Let Your Homemade Lip Balm Experiments Go to Waste!

Have you created your very own lip balm? Have you used it with great success and even received rave reviews from the friends that tried it as well? If so, have you considered marketing it? If not, why not? What’s So Special about Lip Balm? A universal problem that plagues millions upon millions of people […]