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Cosmetic Packaging Practices That Are Frowned Upon

Cosmetic packaging is a sensitive subject and can be very daunting, especially for a new product. Developing product packaging without proper consultation can ruin your business. While the packaging you come up with must protect the product, the most critical aspect of the packaging should be to attract clients and boost sales. Cosmetic companies make […]

Why Should You Perform Cosmetic Product Stability Tests?

Although cosmetic product stability testing is time consuming, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that your product is of a good quality. Many producers ignore this step amongst other steps like cosmetic production and design, even though it will help their businesses. If you were creating these products just as a hobby or for fun, […]

Shooting A Makeup Tutorial For YouTube

If you are aspiring to become a beauty vlogger, then you are aware that filming the perfect makeup tutorial takes a lot of work. Viewers expect to see a flawless execution of techniques and to benefit from your extensive knowledge and expertise about makeup. There are many resources that can help you out but for […]

Which Types Of Ingredients Are Hydrators And Moisturizers?

Hydrators are a type of ingredient which is also referred to as humectants. They include things like hyaluronic acid, honey, aloe and glycerin, and have the ability to absorb water via the atmosphere and then hold it on top of your skin. Moisturizers are ingredients which are oil based, and include things such as Shea […]