Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetic packaging is a sensitive subject and can be very daunting, especially for a new product. Developing product packaging without proper consultation can ruin your business. While the packaging you come up with must protect the product, the most critical aspect of the packaging should be to attract clients and boost sales. Cosmetic companies make several packaging mistakes that you should avoid:

Wrong or Misleading Labels on Cosmetic Packaging

There have been many incidences where customers buy a product, only to discover it is wrongly labeled on the cosmetic packaging. Wrong labels are costly and reflect negatively on your brand. To ensure your business maintains a good reputation, you must be very careful during the entire labeling process.

Wrong labels have not only caused loss of reputation to many companies, but also costly in terms of lawsuits by disgruntled customers. Things may get worse if the user has an allergic reaction from an ingredient that was not listed on the product packaging. Always countercheck the product label before its dispatch to avoid such mistakes.

Product Cannot be Seen through Cosmetic Packaging

If you are creating a packaging for your new products, the packaging must be clear on what is inside. Be creative in the packaging, but ensure the cosmetic box is at least relevant to the product inside. If your packaging misleads clients in some way, it could drive your sales down. Proper cosmetic packaging will sell your products and build your brand reputation.

Cosmetic Packaging that’s Difficult to Open

A common problem with most cosmetic packaging is the difficulty in opening the boxes. Cosmetic companies go overboard while trying to protect the product and end up with almost impossible to pry  open boxes. If you package your product in difficult to open boxes, clients will complain and give poor product reviews, which does not help your brand reputation.

Excessive Prints and Imagery

You do not have to add every product detail on the packaging front. Excessive print and imagery ‘cheapens’ your packaging and may give customers the wrong impression about your products. While creating your cosmetic packaging, make it informative, yet simple. The packaging needs to be designed in such a way that both displays your product and shows its benefits.

Create an Emotional Connection

Creating an emotional connection is a crucial factor in selling a product. If your product connects emotionally with the customer, you are likely to sell more than your competition. Making customers feel special is crucial. They also need a solution to whatever problem they have. If you manage to make them feel special and solve their problem at the same time, your product will fly off the shelves.

Too Much Space Inside The Package

Leaving too much space inside the packaging typically works against your products’ sales. It only works for products that need inserts or fillers for stability. Plan your cosmetic packaging carefully to avoid wastage and to ensure your product reaches its destination in good condition. Excess space inside the package also misleads customers into thinking your product is larger than it is. Liaise with a reputable packaging company to ensure you use the correct packaging for your product.