Cosmetic Product Stability

Although cosmetic product stability testing is time consuming, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that your product is of a good quality. Many producers ignore this step amongst other steps like cosmetic production and design, even though it will help their businesses. If you were creating these products just as a hobby or for fun, then the worst-case scenario would be to discard the components away. If you were selling these products, then you have a serious responsibility to your customers to uphold certain standards of quality and safety, e.g., in the areas of cosmetic product stability. It would also be a detriment to your business if you had to throw away large quantities of finished products. Don’t you want to learn more about the processes behind pushing out a product?

Cosmetic Product Stability Testing Helps to Prevent Disappointment

Businesses thrive on being sustainable in the long run. Ultimately, what every business owner wants is for their customers to keep coming back for more. However, imagine a situation where you order an emulsion or balm from across the globe, opening up the package to a broken bottle or a rotten balm. Would you, as a customer be angry? If you were the producer, this not only damages your reputation, but requires you to fork out more wasted money to pay for the refunds and compensation.

Ensure the Condition of Shipment

The aforementioned “broken bottle” can easily be prevented if you were more aware of the shipment quality for your products. It is hard to control transport conditions, especially if you are shipping internationally. However, it is easy to predict and overcome conditions that your product can or cannot withstand. For example, if your product has a low melting point, you could package it in a way that makes it easy for the substance to melt without causing any mess, and leave instructions with your customer to normalize the product by putting it in the freezer.

Instruct the Customer about Appropriate Application Methods

Running cosmetic product stability tests would equip you with knowledge about the behavior of your product under different environments. This can help you with instructing your clients about the right methods of application.

For example,

  • Should the customer shake the bottle or container before usage?
  • Can she use the product with other products, or would a bad reaction ensue?
  • Should the customer apply the product on dry or moist skin?

Addressing these questions could potentially help you to advise your customer on how to get the best out of your products and be beneficial to your business.

Find out the Shelf-Life of your Product

An important part of selling beauty products is informing the customer about how long the product can last. It is commonplace in most parts of the world to include an expiry date on such products. This is imperative because you definitely want to avoid a situation where a customer complains about a bad skin reaction to your product that does not have a best-before date specified. Therefore, it is only through well curated suitability tests, can you attain this information.