Makeup Tutorial

If you are aspiring to become a beauty vlogger, then you are aware that filming the perfect makeup tutorial takes a lot of work. Viewers expect to see a flawless execution of techniques and to benefit from your extensive knowledge and expertise about makeup. There are many resources that can help you out but for an effective makeup tutorial, you only need a couple of things that are most essential to beauty vloggers.

Script of the Makeup Tutorial

While it seems that vloggers spontaneously talk about what they do in front of the camera, a script is actually very significant for any makeup tutorial. You need to come up with a concept then try to do the makeup look before filming. This will give you time to create a script. This will eliminate awkward moments where you get too caught up in applying makeup that you cannot think about what to say or do next. You can try to make, at least, a list of the steps and short descriptions to serve as an outline that will keep the tutorial (and your thoughts) look more organized.

Makeup Tutorial Setting

Create an appealing setting that will enhance the visual quality of the tutorial. Have a clean background to avoid distracting the viewers. Avoid having a flashy outfit that does not complement the background or the rest of the setup. More importantly, have enough space to move around and the area must be free from clutter to avoid tripping over something when you start demonstrating.

Makeup Tutorial Lighting

The most important component in a makeup tutorial is the lighting. You must have the equipment to help bounce or diffuse the light instead of harshly focusing it on your face. A soft box and ring light are the most popular tools for beauty vloggers. They both help in displaying accurate product colors as well as make the illusion of a blemish-free skin. You can also make use of natural light while filming. Set up the filming equipment in front of a large window. Film around 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. if you want a naturally diffused sunlight. You may film during the golden hour (sunrise or sunset) for a warm glow effect.

Shooting the Video

After ironing out the script, preparing the area, and positioning the light, you are now ready to shoot your makeup tutorial. Make sure that you have a tripod to keep the camera steady. Ensure that you stay within the frame the entire time by using the flip-around viewfinder or manually do place-marking. Learn how your camera works so you can get the right settings.

As you can see, producing the best makeup tutorial video does not necessarily mean spending a lot of money or stressing over it too much. You just need to be organized and have the essential equipment for filming. If you already have the material but doesn’t have an idea how to reach your target audience, you can always team up with a cosmetic marketing company who has the means and expertise to promote on social media. Hopefully these tips can help if you are just starting out to an inspiring vlogging journey on YouTube. Be sure to keep your followers updated for your next upload!