Hydrators are a type of ingredient which is also referred to as humectants. They include things like hyaluronic acid, honey, aloe and glycerin, and have the ability to absorb water via the atmosphere and then hold it on top of your skin. Moisturizers are ingredients which are oil based, and include things such as Shea butter, lanolin, mineral oils, plant oils, emollients and petrolatum. They function through the creation of a seal on your skin’s surface that stops water from leaving. Below are some additional differences between hydrators and moisturizers, and why both are important.

Choosing The Best One For Your Skin

People differ in the types of skin they have, and a product that works for one person might be useless for another. This combined with the fact that there is a huge array of products available means that you have to take care when shopping for hydrators and moisturizers in the form of ointments, gels, creams, balms and lotions, because although they function in a similar manner, the results can vary from person to person.

For example, the majority of skin lotions are made with emollients as well as humectants and occlusive ingredients, which is a fancy way of saying they will hydrate and moisturize your skin simultaneously. However, the form that the product is sold in is not important. Regardless of whether the skincare product you buy is a balm, gel, oil or cream, it is the ingredients within it that really determine its effectiveness. And the only way to know for sure what works for you is experimentation. However, since experience is a harsh teacher, below are some tips that can help you narrow down the products that are best for your given skin type.

Those With Dry Skin Should Try Out Thick Moisturizers

If you have the type of skin which is dry for most of the year, and it has a tendency to peel and flake, this means your skin has a tough time retaining moisture. To resolve it, you want to purchase a moisturizer that will generate a seal on your skin’s surface which will lock the moisture in. The best product is an emollient which is thick and good at stopping water from leaving. Another option is petroleum jelly (also referred to as petrolatum), along with soybean oil, canola oil or Shea butter.

Those With Oily Skin Should Try Hydrators Which Are Water Based

If you find that your skin is frequently oily for much of the year, this does not mean that it isn’t dehydrated. Those with skin that is frequently oily usually have a barrier function that is compromised, which means it’s harder for them to retain moisture. When the moisture escapes their skin, it leads to dehydration, which forces the skin to generate extra oil. The best solution for people with chronic oily skin is moisturizers or hydrators which are noncomedogenic and water based, since they will feel lighter when applied and won’t cause the pores to become clogged.

To create a fabulous makeup tutorial that will get lots of views and likes on YouTube and other video sharing sites, it is essential to use the proper lighting, scripting and setting. Below are some tips that will enable you to create a high quality makeup tutorial for YouTube that will help others while getting lots of positive attention and feedback.

The Lighting

The best lighting for makeup demonstrations is diffused illumination. You want equipment that will bounce those particles of light around as opposed to having a focused beam that glares. Specifically, the best tools for cosmetic videos are ring lights along with soft boxes. A ring light removes blemishes due to the simple yet effective structure it uses. It is basically a doughnut shaped object that is illuminated with a centralized stand which allows a phone or camera to acquire the softer glow it provides.

The soft box is a standard lighting fixture that has a box surrounding it, with inner sides that are reflective with diffusing material. The sides that are reflective will bounce the light inside the box, and the front will filter the particles to produce a mesmerizing glow. Natural light is also good, but only at certain times of the day. The best times include sunset and sunrise, and light that is available between the hours of 10 Am and 4 PM.

The Scripting

While some people are spontaneous and may dislike the idea of using a script, there are a number of reasons you should. These makeup videos are tutorials, and as such should be conducted in a formal way. You need a concept, time to practice the makeup you’ll be applying, and a good idea of what you’re going to say. One benefit of using scripts is that they will lower your shoot time since you won’t have to worry about what to say next. Scripts also work well with closed captioning after the video has been uploaded since they will have greater accessibility for a bigger audience. If you’re doing a video that is product focused, you can make a list of every aspect you want to cover and when to move from one point to another. Tutorials work best when all the steps have been written down in advance.

The Setting

The setting you choose should be consistent so it builds continuity. Some people like to use green screens and fabrics, but whatever you choose, make sure the backdrop is crisp and clean. A clean background encourages the viewer to focus on you and your message, rather than what is going on behind you. It is also important to make sure sufficient space is available for a makeup table so you can perform demonstrations, and to ensure the camera is not reflected. A miniature compact can be used to apply the actual makeup while you film. The clothing you wear should be nice but not too flashy. Avoid chevron and plaid patterns since computer monitor horizontal lines will have difficulty correctly displaying it.