Beauty ingredients

Achieving glowing skin is every woman’s dream. With the bulk of skin care products promising you the best results, it is quite hard to decipher which one will really work on your skin. Unless you are willing to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on each product you see, and try things through trial and error, choosing a product will never be easy. The good news is that there are specific beauty ingredients that can help you with your goal. Just make sure you find them on your product labels.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)

Known for their exfoliating, refining, and renewing properties, AHAs are otherwise known as glycolic acid. These beauty ingredients are responsible in sloughing off dead skin cells with the aim of revealing fresher, younger skin. These are best for those suffering from sallowness as they can revitalize skin after using products containing one.


These skincare ingredients are popular to those wanting to restore and add a protective layer to their skin. They are also best for pollution defense, having the capability to protect the skin from harmful particles and the UV rays of the sun. These ingredients are commonly found in green tea extracts, vitamin C, and pomegranate. Promising to slow down the aging process, antioxidants keep the skin oxygenated all the time.

Fatty Acids

Perfect for moisturizing, restoring, and repairing, fatty acids have the capability to nourish the skin. They are known for making the skin smoother and fresher, thereafter. They are commonly obtained from diet rich in omegas, and are also found in a lot of skincare products. They are your best defense against premature aging, and can increase the skin’s hydration levels.

Hyaluronic Acid

Another acid that has made its way to the list of beauty product ingredients is hyaluronic acid. This is used to boost radiant skin, promising plumper and more hydrated results. It works to replenish the moisture that the skin have lost through time, thus giving it a glowing finish, after.


Aside from renewing and firming the skin, retinol is also known for providing an after-glow to the skin once you use a product that contains one. It can fight acne scarring, fine lines, and discoloration. A derivative of Vitamin A, it corrects all sorts of pigmentation marks on the skin without causing sensitivity.

Vitamin C

One of the most popular skincare ingredients that help anyone achieve that glowing skin is no less than Vitamin C. Apart from its brightening effects, it can also tighten the skin, thus making it look firmer. It produces collagen, increases cell turnover, and reduces photo-damage. From there, it acts to boost radiance to the skin.

If you happen to be interested in formulating a product that promotes glowing skin, there is always a professional who can help you with that. All you need to do is discuss your ideas with the team, and together, you can design a product that will ensure customers that there is a way to achieve skin radiance, regardless of one’s age.