beauty product samples

“Buy one take one”. “Purchase more than $100 worth of products, get a free product”. “Buy now, get 20% off your next purchase.” All these are marketing strategies that have helped generate buzz for businesses. Want to follow suit as you sell beauty products to patrons? Why not distribute beauty product samples instead? It can help you grow your business. All you have to do is think of ways on how your samples would attract more buyers for your company.

What are Beauty Product Samples?

Product samples are among the most influential tools that encourage brand testing. After that, these can be converted to sales. Samples, though, are not always offered to customers, and many become frustrated with that. You can also put it this way. Your beauty product samples can either make or break your business. You must be equipped with the right tools, and have a reliable team to work on your branding, before you can actually convert samples into sales. Here is how you can do that.

Be Ready to Spend More

There is always a cost that comes with activating your sales, and when you choose product samples to do that for you, always remember that there is a cost related to that. You can spend up to more than $10,000 for that if you really want to get the profit that you have long been waiting for. Depending on the team that you are working with, you can discuss how much you need to set aside for this part of your marketing cost.

Know Which Product to Offer as a Sample

Customers will never expect that you will provide a free sample for all of your products. You can single out one product in your list that you know will create a long lasting impression on the part of your customers. The last thing you will ever want is knowing that your client has thrown out the sample you have given away.

Sample Size Matters

As beauty product samples can help a lot with brand testing, you must bear in mind that the size of your sample must be good enough for more than a day’s use. This will give your customers time to feel your product and see if they have any sensitive reaction to the substance. You can use packets, if you want. Just make sure that they are pretty decent in terms of size. Asking customers for their preferred sample sizes will be good too.

Be Your Own Product Marketer

When your samples are ready and you know that they can be distributed to some other retail stores, it will be good to designate a person or two who will take charge of marketing your product. Do not just allow your samples to seat on the back shelves, without anybody else glancing at them. Do not expect employees of the store, where your samples are off to, to do the talking for you. It is always best to be the bearer of first-hand information of your beauty product samples and all other products that you are selling.