As we venture to a world free from waste in order to benefit the environment, so shall every business owner be conscious with their respective product packaging. We have watched videos showing how an animal species dies after eating a lot of plastic waste from the ocean. That is horrifying, and before our own children become victims of our carelessness, it is time to pick up the pieces together. Good thing is that business owners can now incorporate eco-friendliness with their skincare product packaging.

Be Informed

You will never know how to start an eco-friendly skincare product packaging if you do not know exactly what eco-friendly packaging is. This is one that is biodegradable, and has been crafted using recycled materials. The packaging must also be recyclable. The challenge with using such boils down to how the product can be kept clean and safe inside it.

For instance, you cannot just choose any biodegradable material to contain your product. If you have products containing water or oil, then the packaging must be stable enough. Some products can destroy the packaging, when you do not choose it properly. Examples of fully recyclable materials are metal and glass containers.

Eco-Friendly Materials Explained

An eco-friendly packaging is one that has been made out of eco-friendly materials, of course. This means that you are already using one which is called the no-waste packaging. A ‘no waste’ product is one that is not sent to oceans or landfills, or are not incinerated either. Cardboard and biodegradable paper is an example of an eco-friendly material. Glass jars, and metal containers are also great examples.

What about Sustainable Packaging?

Imagine how much waste there is with just one of the skincare products being used by an individual. Some products come with a box that holds the container. If you have diligently observed things, you will notice that the box goes to trash after opening the product. The container comes next once the product has been used up. How many of the skincare products you know have you seen in many trash cans?

Here is where sustainable packaging comes in. This can help reduce the amount of plastic that every individual discards. Apart from that, it also cuts down the chemicals that can harm the environment. Say goodbye to tubes and pump bottles that make it look impossible to use the product to the last drop. Go for jars or any other materials where customers can easily access the skincare product.

Think about Different Aspects of Packaging

The bottom line to incorporating eco-friendly materials to skincare product packaging is to be aware of the different aspects that affect packaging. It is not just always about where the product is placed, but also about the formulation being place inside the container. It is also about making sure that the product is consumed to the last drop. If you have problems knowing how to start the eco-friendly product packaging endeavor, all you need to do is contact a team of experts that can help you with that. The team must be able to come up with an idea that will help save the environment while also putting the skincare product in mind.

Achieving glowing skin is every woman’s dream. With the bulk of skin care products promising you the best results, it is quite hard to decipher which one will really work on your skin. Unless you are willing to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on each product you see, and try things through trial and error, choosing a product will never be easy. The good news is that there are specific beauty ingredients that can help you with your goal. Just make sure you find them on your product labels.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)

Known for their exfoliating, refining, and renewing properties, AHAs are otherwise known as glycolic acid. These beauty ingredients are responsible in sloughing off dead skin cells with the aim of revealing fresher, younger skin. These are best for those suffering from sallowness as they can revitalize skin after using products containing one.


These skincare ingredients are popular to those wanting to restore and add a protective layer to their skin. They are also best for pollution defense, having the capability to protect the skin from harmful particles and the UV rays of the sun. These ingredients are commonly found in green tea extracts, vitamin C, and pomegranate. Promising to slow down the aging process, antioxidants keep the skin oxygenated all the time.

Fatty Acids

Perfect for moisturizing, restoring, and repairing, fatty acids have the capability to nourish the skin. They are known for making the skin smoother and fresher, thereafter. They are commonly obtained from diet rich in omegas, and are also found in a lot of skincare products. They are your best defense against premature aging, and can increase the skin’s hydration levels.

Hyaluronic Acid

Another acid that has made its way to the list of beauty product ingredients is hyaluronic acid. This is used to boost radiant skin, promising plumper and more hydrated results. It works to replenish the moisture that the skin have lost through time, thus giving it a glowing finish, after.


Aside from renewing and firming the skin, retinol is also known for providing an after-glow to the skin once you use a product that contains one. It can fight acne scarring, fine lines, and discoloration. A derivative of Vitamin A, it corrects all sorts of pigmentation marks on the skin without causing sensitivity.

Vitamin C

One of the most popular skincare ingredients that help anyone achieve that glowing skin is no less than Vitamin C. Apart from its brightening effects, it can also tighten the skin, thus making it look firmer. It produces collagen, increases cell turnover, and reduces photo-damage. From there, it acts to boost radiance to the skin.

If you happen to be interested in formulating a product that promotes glowing skin, there is always a professional who can help you with that. All you need to do is discuss your ideas with the team, and together, you can design a product that will ensure customers that there is a way to achieve skin radiance, regardless of one’s age.

“Buy one take one”. “Purchase more than $100 worth of products, get a free product”. “Buy now, get 20% off your next purchase.” All these are marketing strategies that have helped generate buzz for businesses. Want to follow suit as you sell beauty products to patrons? Why not distribute beauty product samples instead? It can help you grow your business. All you have to do is think of ways on how your samples would attract more buyers for your company.

What are Beauty Product Samples?

Product samples are among the most influential tools that encourage brand testing. After that, these can be converted to sales. Samples, though, are not always offered to customers, and many become frustrated with that. You can also put it this way. Your beauty product samples can either make or break your business. You must be equipped with the right tools, and have a reliable team to work on your branding, before you can actually convert samples into sales. Here is how you can do that.

Be Ready to Spend More

There is always a cost that comes with activating your sales, and when you choose product samples to do that for you, always remember that there is a cost related to that. You can spend up to more than $10,000 for that if you really want to get the profit that you have long been waiting for. Depending on the team that you are working with, you can discuss how much you need to set aside for this part of your marketing cost.

Know Which Product to Offer as a Sample

Customers will never expect that you will provide a free sample for all of your products. You can single out one product in your list that you know will create a long lasting impression on the part of your customers. The last thing you will ever want is knowing that your client has thrown out the sample you have given away.

Sample Size Matters

As beauty product samples can help a lot with brand testing, you must bear in mind that the size of your sample must be good enough for more than a day’s use. This will give your customers time to feel your product and see if they have any sensitive reaction to the substance. You can use packets, if you want. Just make sure that they are pretty decent in terms of size. Asking customers for their preferred sample sizes will be good too.

Be Your Own Product Marketer

When your samples are ready and you know that they can be distributed to some other retail stores, it will be good to designate a person or two who will take charge of marketing your product. Do not just allow your samples to seat on the back shelves, without anybody else glancing at them. Do not expect employees of the store, where your samples are off to, to do the talking for you. It is always best to be the bearer of first-hand information of your beauty product samples and all other products that you are selling.

Have you ever had the chance to use a beauty product for quite some time, only to ditch it after you find another product that interests you? This is a common cycle that runs in the cosmetics world, and until you really know what suits you, the cycle happens over and over again. What if you are planning a beauty startup? This can be quite difficult, without ample knowledge on the matter, and with lack of experience handling any business. Do not let this dishearten you. All you need are some tips to get everything started.

Make Things Simple

You may have a lot of products and formulations in mind. When this happens, it will take a lot of time creating a product that you think will suit your target market. This is not just time-wasting. It can also cost you a lot of money, in the long run. Do not compete with those that have already established a good name in the beauty industry. Your time will come. Just start by establishing your platform and you

Know Your Niche before Perfecting Recipes

The common mistake any beauty startup owner will do is to perfect recipes without establishing the product’s niche. It is not always as easy as assuming that everyone uses shampoo, thus it is easy to just formulate a shampoo for everyone. Do not expect a customer to buy your product once you launch it in the market, without you even thinking of what suits them best. Formulate a name that speaks about your product, and from there, you can proceed to other important steps to establish your brand. Be unique without going too far.

Participate in the Own Network that You Build

One of the best marketing strategies today is to have products posted on social media. You can start too by participating in online forums, and discussions. Subscribe to blogs and comment on them, making sure that you have new ideas to contribute to it. You can also participate in events, such as how to create private product labels, and others that invite all entrepreneurs to showcase their products. From there, you can share your ideas in the forum that you have chosen, and market your products, thereafter.

Know Your Marketing Tools

Social media, as mentioned, is one of the best places to establish your brand. Remember, however, that you cannot just share anything that you want to share just to welcome prospects to your business. You have to know how to use such tools to your advantage. For instance, you can launch a YouTube channel where people can see how your products can be applied on their skin. Simply things like that will go a long way.

Choose the Creative Team behind Your Brand

Launching a product is useless, unless you know that you have a team of dependable individuals who are best at branding products. There is always someone you can run to when you have ideas for beauty startup in mind. You will be surprised as to how the team can transform your ideas to beauty products. When you have done that, you are more than ready to start.