cosmetic brand social media

You’ve recently started your own cosmetic brand. But how do you make it stand out in the crowd? Building a following for your Twitter feed or Instagram profile is more than just sending out a lot of meaningless content. Getting an eye-catching social media campaign takes precise attention to detail. Here are a few tactics to build awareness and inspire consumers to buy.

Portray Your Image Consistently

Who should buy your cosmetics? Are you trying to attract someone young, trendy? Someone just starting out who may not have a lot to spend? Or are you targeting someone established and willing to pay more for what they want? Decide on your message and be sure your brand conveys this image across all medias. Every Tweet or Facebook post needs cohesive graphics, hashtags, and text.

Use a Variety of Platforms for Your Message

Remain current by constantly updating old content and adding new. Use multiple media platforms to share your most relevant information. Drive your brand’s online presence by experimenting with new media and social media innovations. Use Twitter or Facebook to drive your followers to your Instagram account. Create a contest to get more followers; linking your accounts exposes a larger number of viewers to each post.

Stay Accessible

The best thing about social media is the ability to connect directly with your consumer base, so work with your team to build a solid plan for your public relations. Engage with your customers directly online by starting one-on-one conversations, not just mass branding messages.

Try to immediately answer all the comments and feedback on your cosmetics brand. Your followers want respect and attention. Being responsive and remaining active will show you care. While it’s easy to stay connected with customers who are passionate about your products, passive consumers are more difficult to engage. Don’t lose them. Encourage followers to send in a video using your products. Consumers will be excited, and they’ll share your cosmetics through word of mouth.

Never pass up an opportunity to interact with consumers through giveaways, Q & A sessions, YouTube tutorials, competitions, etc. This encourages engagement and will ultimately increase sales.


Do you know anyone famous, locally popular, or even a little famous? Having a reputable person show support for your cosmetics brand will give you a boost. Publish testimonials on the website. They can be from sources ranging from a Facebook friend with 2,000+ followers to a new beauty blogger with only 150. All public acclaim benefits your brand, so publish testimonials from bloggers, consumers, and celebrities whenever possible. Incorporating content from different kinds of social media contributors will generate a bigger audience for your products.

Add Value

Engage more followers by providing original, focused content and relevant messages. Avoid jargon filled, repetitive content. Educate, provide advice, and demonstrate the latest trends. Talk about social justice issues and allow followers to contribute to the conversation. Give your customers a reason to visit your site. Create content to appeal to your consumer base – promote exciting events, charity campaigns, or new product designs. Ask for opinions and make the most of every interaction. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Following these steps will help your brand become and remain relevant, but you may need some help. Push your company to the next level with help from Architectural Beauty. Contact us today!