skincare brands approach beauty product retailers

We’re going to share with you a number of ways for today’s skincare product entrepreneurs to attract the attention of retail beauty buyers. Let’s look at how skincare brands approach beauty product retailers for the best results.

Always Do Your Research

There are a few things you should know before you pitch your product to a store, particularly a large one:

  • Why consumers will love your product
  • Why their store and your brand are perfect fit
  • Show them that you know their customers
  • Show them that you know their store

Expect Marketing Costs

Don’t be surprised when a store, in order for them to sell your product, wants you to be a contributing member when it comes to costs, such as marketing.

Keep It Simple

Here’s what to include when you send your product to a store in hopes of them being interested enough in your product to sell it: tell them why you want to target their customers, a one-page information sheet (keep it incredibly concise and brief), include samples. Done.

Recognize the Popularity of Naturals

Scientific marketing is out. Organic and/or natural is in. Consumers want to know exactly what’s going into their product and that it is as free of chemicals as it can possibly be.

Remain Hip and Trendy

Staying hip and trendy isn’t always easy because times are constantly changing. Keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on around the world as it applies to your product. Rest assured, your competitor is!

Make Sure You’re Stocked

In the beginning, to keep costs down, many entrepreneurs start out with a small inventory. But if you’re going to be on the shelves of a large department store, you’re going to need enough product to fill two, three, or four shelves quickly.

Be Usable by All Skin Types

It’s not uncommon for a skincare product to focus on one skin type – i.e., oily, dry, mature, sensitive, etc. But to begin with, you want your product to be safe for and usable by all skin types. Branch off later.

It’s Okay to Be the New Kid in Town

Being new is nothing to be ashamed of but you have to make sure that you wow your buyers. As a new product, you can be featured in countrywide campaigns for new beauty finds, but you have to get your product out there and noticed.

Be Popular on Social Media

If you don’t exist on social media sites, you don’t exist at all. Build a following on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. To find out what opinions consumers hold of products, people generally check websites such as and Google Trends.

 Be Innovative

People must want to buy what you are selling. Be innovative in your technology, application, ingredients, and packaging. Your customers want value!

If you have a skincare product that you would like to see on the shelves of your local drugstore, grocery store, etc., and you’re just not sure where to turn, she got the assistance of a professional. Marketing and development organizations can assist today’s entrepreneurs in areas of distribution, promotion, branding, packaging, production, testing, and so much more. Without the assistance of a professional company, you may not realize the success you’d hoped for. Don’t leave it to chance.