One healthy skin natural component is glycerin. (You may have seen it referred to as glycerol in ingredient studies.) It is hygroscopic – no matter if it is made synthetically, from animal sources, or from vegetable. What does that mean?

Let’s take a close look at the ingredient in today’s beauty products.

What Is Hygroscopic?

What this means, when it applies to glycerin, is that it helps keep skin moisturized by drawing in surrounding moisture. Humecant is another word for hygroscopic. In addition to that, sorbitol, sodium hyaluronate, hyaluronate acid, glycolic acid, and propylene glycol are also humecants.

NMF, or natural moisturizing factors of the skin, are mimicked by the beauty ingredient. That is one reason why, no matter the age of the skin or the skin type, glycerin is commonly compatible. Why is NMF replenishment so vital? Because of the products we frequently use on our skin, as well as the environmental exposure to which we subject it, as we age our skin suffers. This is due to its depleted natural moisturizing factor. So, the use of the ingredient helps keep skin healthy and younger looking.

Glycerin Is Good for Your Skin

There are many benefits of glycerin when it comes to skin, including hydration. Additional benefits can include the following:

  • A youthful look and improved skin resiliency.
  • Enhances the ability of other helpful ingredients to penetrate the uppermost layers of the skin.
  • The precious moisture barrier of skin is strengthened and fortified.
  • Dry skin can feel incredibly supple and soft thanks to the fact that it works easily with oils and emollients.
  • Acts as a shield to protect skin against irritation by environmental sources.

Glycerin for Hair

Certain types of hair can benefit greatly from the use of glycerin in proper amounts. And though your skin may feel better in summer than in winter, summer can have a devastating effect on certain hair types. The moisture retaining properties of glycerin-based products can be included in a summer hair regime to help tame your mane!

Some hair types (i.e., naturally curly) tend to be naturally dry. For others, chemicals and treatments may have dried the hair. Whatever the reason, if hair has a tendency to be brittle and dry, vegetable glycerin products can assist in returning and retaining moisture to the hair.

However, it is essential that large amounts not be used because of the consistency and absorbency of the ingredient. You can mix it with water or other products, depending on your needs. Using too much glycerin can weigh your hair down or give it a lifeless appearance.

Additional Uses of Glycerin

As beneficial as glycerin can be, it has benefits other than simply being used as a skin moisturizer. The following uses also apply to the ingredient:

  • May reduce skin irritation
  • Can be used to heal minor wounds
  • Has successfully been used to treat psoriasis
  • Is excellent for skin that is acne-prone

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